How to apply as Volunteers:

If you're interested in a volunteer or internship opportunity, please  click the link below to download our volunteer form:


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and mail it to: 

The Light School

P.O.Box 73-40228,
Uriri, Kenya


   Volunteers at the Light School


We invite you to come visit our school and learn more about our philosophy for preparing our children for success.


We welcome volunteers for any length of time to assist with focused project areas.  The Light School provides the volunteers with an opportunity to understand the rural community issues of Kenya; exponential experiences that can shape their understanding of the peoples and cultures of Kenya and perhaps most importantly to offer the children of rural Uriri a glimpse, however fleeting, to life outside their societal area – TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


Jelka Kristek


Karibu! Light School Uriri, as a volunteer you will travel to rural Uriri in Migori County to stay in a home-stay with host families.

Kait teaching in class

Many volunteers combine volunteering with additional traveling and tours to have a life-changing experience that will benefit them from the rest of their lives. This type of experience sets you above the rest by enhancing your CV, giving you valuable personal and professional development and adding to your understanding of different cultures.  At Light School Uriri we offer a range of programmes where you can do whatever you want to do and whenever you want to do it!

One person can make a difference!  There are many different types of volunteering you can do, such as teaching, coaching sports and drama, cooking and feeding, work experience, internships and community development.

Our Project Areas include but are not limited to:


  •      Teaching
  •    English & Foreign Language Instruction
  •    Library
  •       Sports Activities, Drama and Dance
  •    School Feeding
  •    Community Development
  •       Health & Well Being Awareness, HIV/AIDS awareness
  •       Counseling
  •       Internet & Computer Instruction
  •       Social Media Instruction
  •       Foreign Travel Experiences
  •       Global Awareness – “To open the eyes of children to see a Brand New Day”


Volunteer teaching changes lives. You can teach a variety of subjects you can teach, here are a few: English, Germany, French, Swahili, Maths, Geography, Social Studies, Religious education, sports, drama, life skills and much more. You will be encouraged to teach the children in a fun and informative way, using official curriculum as well as your own method. You will be assisted by teaching staff and the Head teacher will guide you along. Through education children can be in charge of their own destinies. You will teach 5 days a week for at least 3 lessons a day. Each lesson runs for 35 minutes. 


Lights School provide placement where you can coach orphaned and underprivileged children through doing sports and sports management work experience.

Drama and Dance

A simple story told well help ideas stick. Drama and Dance for development is a particular creative way of getting a message across. Drama takes issues to the next level in discussing HIV and AIDS, educating people and telling them that there is a way forward and that there is hope. Volunteers use this opportunity to help pupils put on plays, shows and music recitals. You can also use your time to help pupils produce murals on the school wall, thus brightening up our school environment.


The children are the promise of the future – come and stand beside us – we can find a better way”


Airfare, accommodations and transport are the only expense you will need to pay. Email us at for more details and assistance with your travel plans, accommodation and meals while volunteering and staying with us. 

Everyone here at Light School, including the teachers and all students, welcome you to rural Uriri Kenya with warmth and embrace and look forward to have you here among us.


You can find us on:





P.O.Box 73-40228, Uriri, Kenya | +254 729 200 595

The Light School
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