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It all began with a dream. A dream that each and every one of us can make a difference in the world we live in. In January 2010 Light School Uriri opened its classroom doors for admissions of children to school. The school was started to unlock potential and hope among all children orphaned and disadvantaged. Based on understanding that education is critical to sustainable development, Light School’s vision is a world where all children have opportunity to learn, speak and means to act through provision of food, clothing, education, care and shelter.  The school also presents a platform for community members to share their voices on educational matters and offer them with job opportunities for livelihoods improvement, poverty reduction and rural development. The school is located in serene and beautiful environment of Uriri, Migori County in Southwestern Kenya. The school offers kindergarten and primary education.

Whenever there is a sunrise we see light.

Light School Uriri

Sustaining our work

Providing children with food, clothing, education, care and shelter is a pressing issue with profound cost implication. For all our programmes to be self sustaining we have to explore institutional, social, economic and cultural issues, as they overlap with all our major themes: livelihoods, humanitarian, health governance, human rights and education. The idea is to ensure that community members are involved and heard, and that their very real concerns, insights and needs are addressed. Here are some of the hybrid ways designed to help us sustain our programmes promote community partnerships and practice: employing trained staff, having vibrant Management Board, charging tuition fees, practicing farming, child sponsorships, volunteerism and donations.

Pupils giving a helping hand

At Light School we help orphans and disadvantaged children.

Some of sponsored children


 To challenge every pupil to be the best academically and behaviorally


Our Administration and Parent Teacher Association are excited at the continued successes our children have achieved at The Light School. We believe that our pupils experience the highest degree of educational instruction and know that our programs will continue to be enhanced as we adhere to our mission.

Our enrollment has increased to 200 pupils and we are fortunate to be blessed with compassionate and knowledgeable teachers who diligently work for the betterment of every child.

We expect each of our pupils to excel at the high school of their choice as they continue their education.  Most of our students are taking English, French and Computer lessons and are performing well beyond their class level. Many of our parents have switched their children to our institute so they could participate in the educational opportunities offered at The Light School.

Our infrastructure for the school includes ten classrooms, a resource center, a computer lab, an art lab, a library, and many other facilities to surpass all expectations and standards of the state, our community, and ourselves.  The Light School enables our pupils to unlimited learning providing an environment that is optimal for every child.

As we are now at capacity our future plans include additional classrooms and enhanced computerization.


Who we are

The Light School is a privately run school for orphans and fee paying children in the Uriri District Prefecture. The purpose of the school is to provide a safe living and learning environment as well as education in conjunction with spiritual skills. The school is based on ethical values promoting culture and tradition hand in hand with an understanding and appreciation of the modern world.

Where is the school located?

The school is located near Uriri High School on your way to Yao Dam, near Got Kolima, Uriri District, and Nyanza Province in Kenya.

Why is the school needed?

A vast majority of our population lives a considerable distance from good schools and infrastructure. Experiencing high rates of poverty, disease, infection and harsh living conditions many children lose one or both parents early in life and become orphans. Kenya’s people are warmhearted and provide orphans with basic shelter and food, yet, as they themselves are poor; they are unable to provide children with a nurturing education.

Who benefits from the school?

The Light School provides the orphans and fee paying children a warm, nurturing home and an opportunity to develop themselves academically, physically and spiritually. The Light School's positive influence extends to the local community by providing jobs and the transference of knowledge as well as serving as a model of effective and relevant education. In addition everyone involved - working staff, volunteers and supporters - benefit through gaining new experiences, through making life meaningful by helping others and through establishing close, personal connections spanning across the boundaries of cultures and nations. Truly “it is here we must begin – to seek the wisdom of the children – for the children are a promise of the future – and a blessing for today – come and stand beside us – we can find a better way” – John Denver – Rhymes and Reasons



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