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Donate by Check

You can send us money using Western Union Money Transfer or to send a cashiers check or money order, please download and print the following form

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and mail it to us along with your check to: 

The Light School

P.O.Box 73-40228,
Uriri, Kenya

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How can you help?

This is a non-governmental endeavor and you can contribute in many different ways:

  •    Direct Donation by check; cashier’s check, money order or Western Union
  •    Subscription Donation – a recurring monetary donation on a monthly basis
  •    Sponsor A Child – For $24 USD per month your contribution will help support a needy child. You will receive a Sponsorship Guide containing information about your child in particular and the program in general. Your contribution will support programs allowing for enhanced education and food supplies to children in need. These funds will ensure societal changes which will provide for the child’s healthy future.

Thank you all for making a difference!

Child Sponsorship -Help us bring food, supplies, and education to the children in need

Children who are affiliated with Light School Uriri are waiting for sponsorship. Once a child is sponsored, they are guaranteed food every day, good clothing, and paid school fees. Without sponsorship, the children are dependent on the availability of funds within the school.

Deciding to sponsor a child can change both your life and the life of the child. You can either choose a specific child to sponsor or let us choose one for you. We will send you information about your child every six months and we encourage you to write letters and send pictures to your child, in return they will write back.

Our Sponsorship Programs allows a surrogate family to help support financially and emotionally these children. For some orphans, yours will be the only family they will have to call their own.

Keeping In Touch With Your Sponsored Child:

You can send pictures and letters to the children so they will know who is supporting and caring for them. In return, you’ll receive letters, report cards, pictures, and video e-mails periodically throughout the year.

Transforming Lives:

The children will get the sense of belonging that only a family (even one thousands of miles away) can provide. Choose a child to sponsor and feel the joy of being a global parent. Both of your lives will change forever.

How It Works:

Light School Uriri only assigns one sponsor per child, which allows the development of a personal one-on-one connection. As soon as you sign up for a sponsorship, we will send you a packet with information and a picture of your child, and information about the Sponsorship program, as well as and how you can get more involved.

We will update you throughout the year about how your child is doing and we will provide updates about your child’s home.

Light School Uriri is a non-profit organization and most of the programs are run by proceeds from sale of our farm surplus and donations.

You can support us by:

  1. Sponsoring a child
  2. Support 10-teaching staff and 2 cooks salaries
  3. Support Feeding Program by donating food-stuff like corn, beans, rice, oil, sugar and salt
  4. Support our fuel-wood stock
  5. Donate chairs, desks, books, clothes
  6. Support our publicity campaign materials-brochures, posters, T-shirt
  7. Fundraising for program specific

Emily Seal and Kaitlyn Mcgougan

In addition to the generosity of our supporters we welcome the support of growing number of supporters, well-wishers, institutions, individual donors and companies. If you would like to support our work-transforming lives through education, consider undertaking one-or more of the following:

  1. Making financial donations
  2. Supporting School feeding programme
  3. Medical Supplies
  4. Classroom Needs – Books; Chairs & Desks; Computers and Musical Instruments
  5. Supporting part or full teachers’ salaries
  6. Hosting an event to raise funds for us
  7. Undertaking sports endeavor to raise funds
  8. Coming up with your own innovative ways of raising funds for us, either on your own or with a group of friends or colleagues.
  9. Donating a school transport bus
  10. Publicity and marketing
  11. “Green” supplies – Solar Panels or Windmills would help make The Light School sustainable

Kristy, Kaitlyn and Emily ready to distribute gifts and donations


We are grateful to the following people for their support:

  1. Dr. Klett Elisabeth (Germany)
  2. Kristy McCarville (USA)
  3. Thomas Sterette (USA)
  4. Kathy Howard (USA)
  5. Jason Rem (USA)
  6. Charlotte Adu (UK)
  7. Linda Taylor (USA)
  8. Jelka Kristek (Germany)
  9. Kaitlyn Mcgougan (Australia)
  10. Emily Seal (Australia)
  11. Coco Moanikeala (USA)
  12. Sonia Perez (Argentina)
  13. Naomi Rebecca (England)
  14. Thomas Sartor (USA)
  15. Tawnia N Tory Jensen (USA)

Jelka Kristek distributing clothes to pupils

 Providing for the Future

As The Light School continues to expand we are facing funding challenges for the capital projects:

  •  An additional 5 hectares for expansion of the nursery & primary schools and the construction of a secondary schools
  •  Additional classrooms for a science laboratory; a home economics area and a small library
  • A playground for the children
  •  A community garden where the children can learn to grow and nurture their own fruits & vegetables
  •  A community farm for goats; chickens that can provide us with eggs and cows for milk


For additional information please write to:


The Director,
Light School Uriri
PO Box 73-40228,
Uriri, Kenya

Tel +254 729 200 595


You can find us on:





P.O.Box 73-40228, Uriri, Kenya | +254 729 200 595

The Light School
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