Who is Behind the School?
A small, local staff operates the school and is funded by donations and the minimal school fees that are paid by some pupils. We gain substantial support from the Directors and friends.


Why Did You Spend Money on a Website or Social Media?
We did not spend any money on the Website; Facebook; MySpace; You Tube & Twitter pages as it was a donation by one of the Directors, Coco Moanikeala. The website is updated regularly by Coco and as such, we have no expenses related to the website.


Why a School Website?

Many visitors might wonder why we have got a website. Is it really necessary for a school like ours to have an online presence? Perhaps it isn’t but we suspect it will help us a great deal. So let’s take a look at the factors that led us to start a website.

First of all it is a matter of convenience. Our resources are very limited and for that reason we need to spend our time wisely. Over the months we have been in existence we have found ourselves spending a lot of time fundraising and relaying information about the school to people interested in our effort. We are so happy for this great interest, but at the same time it taps into our resources. This is where the website comes into play.

We hope that the website will help us streamline the information flow from the school to our donators and everyone else with an interest in the school. Ultimately this will free up resources for other tasks at the school.



Get in contact with the school

Our staff is very limited – for that reason we ask you to take a look at the FAQ Section first before filling out the contact form. Your answer might be waiting for you one click away. That said we would like to hear from you.

Light School Uriri

P.O.Box 73-40228
Uriri, Kenya

Phone: +254 729 200 595


You can find us on:





P.O.Box 73-40228, Uriri, Kenya | +254 729 200 595

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